How To Choose the Best Swimwear

As the online world continues to dominate in the lives of most people today, it is easier for businesses to reach out to their target audiences just through online advertising and by following personal accounts on social media. Competition between brands and small online shops and have become tougher for both business owners and customers. For business owners, it might be quite a challenge to come up with new and effective strategies to get ahead of their competitors. For customers, having a lot of choices can make weighing options harder when the time has come for decision making. There are a lot of things that needs to be considered such as price, brand name, style, design, and quality.

Having that said, the most important factor in choosing the best swimwear should be QUALITY. You should be able to purchase something worth your money; it should be something that is durable, aesthetic, and above all, ideal for swimming. It’s highly important to find value for your money and so here is a list of things that make a good-quality swimsuit ranked according to importance: a guide to choosing the best swimwear for you.



The material of your swimwear matters the most because how you feel wearing it should be nothing but great. There’s a difference of feel when wearing something on land and on water, so it is vital to carefully choose the kind of material that will make you comfortable swimming and wearing it even outside the pool/sea.

A combination of nylon and spandex is most commonly used for swimwear. Nylon is extremely strong, lightweight, and quick-drying. Spandex is used to give the swimwear a nice stretch and a good body hugging fit. However, the only downside of nylon is that it doesn’t do well with dyes. To retain its color, it has to be mixed with other fabrics or should be regularly treated to withstand the harshness of the sun and chlorine.Other materials include Lycra, Polyester, Polybutylene Terephthalate (PBT), and Cotton-poly-spandex knit, etc. Lastly, just a bonus tip for swimmers in professional training, choose swimwear with low-friction material to avoid marks and sores after your swim session.


Stitch & Stretch

The next thing you should consider is the stitches and the stretch. How the material is put together is just as important as the material because swimming requires you to move around in different strokes and directions.

Cheap swimwear might have poor stitches giving you a higher risk of having a wardrobe malfunction. When picking out the perfect swimwear, look for zigzag stitches and steer clear from the chain stitch. The zigzag stitch allows your swimwear to stretch, while the chain stitch unravels easily and suggests that it’s a low quality item.

Try doing a test stretch on your chosen swimwear after checking the stitches. Pull the fabric in one direction and then another. If there are white fibers visible, the might deteriorate quickly and can’t stand against the harshness of the pool chemicals.


The Fit

If it’s allowed, fit the swimwear before buying it. If you can’t take it to the dressing room for hygienic reasons, take your measurements so you could get the right size. Different brands have different sizes so you should test the waters (pun intended) with your chosen swimwear and try to stretch a little bit in different directions and see if it flatters your body. Comfort should be considered first and foremost in buying a new swimwear, especially if you’re a legit swimmer. For the self-conscious and fashionistas, the fit should be considered after comfort. Check out if the swimwear hugs your curves perfectly and if it has the right length that you like.

For one-piece swimsuits, the rear shouldn’t roll up your butt and the top shouldn’t be too tight on the chest, otherwise it’s a size smaller than you are. The telltale sign of a small swimsuit is when one’s butt cheeks pop out of the rear; the sign for a swimsuit that’s too long is when the material sags or bunches around your backside. So make sure you move around to make sure it stays in place.

So aside from a swimwear and cobain white sunglasses being high quality, how the owner takes care of it matters too. You should take proper care of your swimming essentials so they would last longer. Wash immediately right after swimming, hand wash them, and alternate with all your other swimwear. You never know, you might even pass it on your future daughter or little sister.

Just keep in mind these three qualities of a good swimwear and you’ll have a new and worthy  addition to your collection of swimwear in your wardrobe. Have a great swim and may your swimwear be as awesome as you are!